Welcome to Audio Visionz by Midwest Truck Accessories, where two legacies converge to offer unparalleled service and a rich history of serving the Southern Illinois and Midwest/St. Louis area. Whether you're in need of car audio upgrades, truck accessories, or anything in between, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey and experience the passion that drives us.


In the heart of Mt. Vernon, Illinois, two passionate car enthusiasts embarked on separate journeys, driven by their shared love for automotive excellence and dedication to serving their community.

Audio Visionz was the brainchild of Kevin Green, who in 1993 envisioned a car audio haven where customers could receive exceptional service, a concept inspired by his own disappointing experiences elsewhere. With the unwavering support of friends like Russel Marlowe, Kevin transformed his dream into reality, initially focusing on car audio installations. Their reputation for pushing sonic boundaries was solidified when their infamous "LOUD VAN" roamed the streets, once even setting off an indoor alarm, much to the amusement of the owners.


Kevin Green Behind Desk at Audio Visionz
As the landscape of Car Audio sales shifted with the rise of Internet Sales in the mid to late 2000s, Kevin pivoted, expanding Audio Visionz's offerings to include an array of car and truck accessories, from wheels and tires to lift kits and leather interiors. This adaptability ensured Audio Visionz remained a staple in the automotive community.
Meanwhile, just down the street, Chuck Baldridge was making his mark with Midwest Truck Accessories, which he co-founded in 2000. Specializing in truck accessories, hitches, and LEER truck caps and shells, Chuck's dedication to quality and service earned him respect throughout the industry. Despite being competitors, Kevin and Chuck shared a mutual understanding that healthy competition only fueled their businesses, and they often collaborated to meet customer needs.

In January 2022, Chuck retired, leaving behind a legacy of excellence in the truck accessory industry. Nate Williamson, a local truck enthusiast, seized the opportunity to continue Chuck's legacy by purchasing Midwest Truck Accessories.

Tragically, Chuck passed away later that year, leaving behind a void in the community he had served so faithfully.

At the end of 2023, a new chapter began as Nate Williamson, now the proud owner of Midwest Truck Accessories, purchased Audio Visionz from Kevin Green. Recognizing the synergies between the two companies and the potential for growth, Nate made the bold decision to merge them, creating a powerhouse of automotive expertise and customer service.